Ministry and training

Ministry and training offers our clients the opportunity to receive valuable information from our well trained workers. These sessions take only 30 minutes per week and are presented at our client’s company or site on a day and time best suited to our client. The extensive and relevant list of training subjects focusses on challenges from life at work, life in the family, life in the community and the individual’s spiritual life. All subjects can be presented in English and African languages and are thoroughly discussed during the second week to ensure consolidation.



Counselling offers our clients the opportunity to be counselled by our well trained workers and is focussed on those individuals who have to deal with personal issues which cannot be discussed in a group. These issues normally have a major impact on the individual and may include financial- or marital problems. The counselling sessions can be presented at the client’s company or site or when applicable, at our branch office on a day and time best suited to our client.


Brothers in Business

Brothers in Business offers our clients an opportunity to meet on a regular basis to share with each other and to be encouraged. Many times business owners and employers have difficult challenges and no answers to those challenges. They also do not always have someone they can talk to that can understand and relate with them, so it can be a lonely road at times.


Prophetic Discovery

Prophetic Discovery offers our clients the opportunity to go through a process of receiving a prophetic word and understanding how to use it. God wants to communicate with people, not just through what was written in scripture but in many other ways; like prophecy. The type of prophecy referred to is when a message from God is relayed by one person to another to encourage them, strengthen and give direction.


We Benefit

We Benefit offers our clients the opportunity to buy a vast range of products, for both personal and company use, at very reasonable prices. The concept then further offers our clients to do good but not pay more by nominating Employers for Christ as beneficiary. Relevant and extremely useful products are added in the concept on a regular basis and our clients are guided through the whole process by a well-trained individual.

Call42 network

The Call42 Network offers our clients the opportunity to have access to many other training programmes provided by the organizations that we partner with in the network. Some of these partners include The Crossover Transformation Group, Unashamedly Ethical, Jedidiah, WorXinu and the Halftime Institute. Some of the training offered through the network includes Transformational Leadership, Business by the Book and Halftime seminars.

We are serving Christian employers globally to point them and their employees, their families and communities to Jesus

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